Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Blog post about Hope

Hope is that ray of light you see through a crack, it is reasonable confidence in something. It is the desire for something or someone. Hope can come from people, sports, academics or just anything that inspires you. It can be brought back by an event, people, something that you see or just by thinking. What can threaten hope is disbelief, doubt, discouragement and more. Anything that basically stirs you away from what you are trying to do. What gives me hope is my parents, siblings, and education. For me to know how black people were treated back in the day and to see now how far we have come. It inspires me more to push, because now I have unlimited access to learning and getting an education.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Blog Post #5: Response to "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas"

In the article,"The Ones who Walk Away From Omelas", by Ursula Le Guin illustrates a perfect utopia where everyone is ideally happy except for one little boy. The human in the basement is the price to pay for others happiness. Mind you he or she didn't have a choice he or she was just indoctrinated to thinking and being treated a certain way. I noticed that the author is trying to show that in order for all the people in Omelas to keep and maintain their perfect, happy life. The little girl in the basement has to suffer. Basically saying there has to be a balance, a trade for a trade. They're are showing that everyone can't get what they want with out a price to pay, kits not right at all but that's what it is implying in the story. I think the child represents the bad, ugly, and the unjustly that happens in the world. How there is always a price to pay and how people "have" to suffer in order for others to get what they want. "Those who walk away" are people who don't want nothing to do with the situation, but they won't do anything to change it. They just cut themselves out without getting involved to make a difference.I realize that Omelas is like the real world, because while I'm seating here in a good school, getting an education, not starving, having a home to go to after school. There are others right now starving, living in a bad neighborhoods, in slavery and much more. I'm basically saying I get that there is unfair things going on in the world, I won't ignore that but that doesn't mean its right or I have to accept that.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Social Justice

1.)I think it is important to value social justice, because it is what we people, that believe in fairness, want. This is suppose to be a rule that fights for peoples rights and defends them when in situations such as racism, gender masculines, homophobia, poverty, and income inequality come about.
2.)There is no real structure in the social justice system. This system is being operated with and by people who don't care about the inequality that's going on. For one because if they got it good why would they want to stir up things and make some changes. Two not enough people stand up for whats wrong, they don't fight back. Three people always want to have a blind eye to the things they hear about or see until it hits their home.
3.)Personally my gender, skin color.
TED Talk I picked : Social Justice
Charles L. Robbins talk was about how there are so many problems among humans dealing with "-isms" and why the social justice system is so important and what it can do to help people.What I have learned is that there is a lot of inequality in the world and in order to fix the problem it starts with in ourselves, in our house holds. It requires an open mind and generous heart. It takes people with courage to stand up and speak out about these kind of situations. Its about having the well power and heart to do whats right. It requires others not to be selfish and much more, but in order to start we need to first check our selves and be more self less.
~post racial society culture
~more than 46 million people live below the poverty line
~USA has the second highs rate of child poverty in the whole world
~POOR EQUALS : no food, it's hand and hand with poor education and that's convenient when that's the way to get out of poverty, gangs, drugs, health
~largest percentage of homeless on the street is gay and lesbian youth who's been thrown out by their parents
USA criminal justice system has the most people incarcerated, black 1 and 3 chance and Mexicans have a 1 and 6

Friday, February 3, 2017

Pick your own TED Talk: Want to be Happier? Stay in the Moment

Jade Mahaney
MEC English
3 February 2017

Want to be Happier? Stay in the Moment

      Matt Killingsworth in the article,"Want to be Happier? Stay in the Moment"claims that mind wandering does not increase a persons happiness. In the article KIllingsworth explains why his statement is true from his experiments on peoples moment to moment experiences through out the day. He claims people are substantially not happier when they are mind wandering because, it is not in the present but reflecting on the past. Usually when people wander its to unpleasant things as shown in the study. Even when people are thinking about something neutral or pleasant they are still considerably less happy than they would have been if being focused in the present. Mind wandering and unhappiness can also be correlated, but they both precede there selves. Forty five percent of the time people are mind wandering while doing something and I completing agree with this statement. For one I mind wander a lot and it doesn't necessarily make me sad or I just don't realize. I do understand why mind wandering can make you sad from reminiscing on the sad and negative things in the past. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

TED talk, "The Surprising Science of Happiness."

In the TED talk Gilbert talks about simulation and how human beings brains create two different types of happiness. He shows examples of natural happiness and synthesis happiness and how they differ. Natural happiness comes naturally obliviously, but it has to do with having a choice as well. With synthesis happiness people don't have a choice, in some situations, and are basically accepting and gassing up what ever they have received to in a since assure them selves that they have made the right decision. I completely agree with Gilbert's allegations they make since and there is different scenario experiments backing up everything he is saying.

Monday, January 9, 2017


My family, friends, my "bestfrannn", adventures, gifts and people make me happy. Happiness to me is very important. Now I get that others may think differently, but I for one think that it is very important to be happy. Happiness to me is when I have a smile on my face or when I am laughing. Happiness is just when you are enjoying something or someone. It is that special feeling you get that just consist of positive vibes and nothing else. Happiness is important because it is that positive feeling that keeps you motivated, happiness means longevity, peace. The world is full of joy and it has been proven that people that smile and are happy tend to live longer than those who go through life moping. There is really no secret to being happy you just do things you enjoy, be around people that put a smile on your face, don´t fret about the little things, think positive, have a positive mind set, look at the bright side of things, and don´t fret over the little things. There is always plenty of reasons why people aren't happy. It may deal with family issues, self issues or just a bad attitude there is plenty of reasons why a person could not be happy, but the number one reason is not allowing them selves to feel joy due to attitude.
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Monday, November 28, 2016


     Grit essentially means the power of passion and perseverance, this matters in an individualizes life because these are the qualities that will keep them from giving up on their goal, these are the people that don´t just work on their goal for just a week or a month but years. I personally know a person who has grit it is my wonderful sister Mercedes, of course there is more but just to name one I choose to pick her. She has always been passionate about the youth and wanting to help them succeed not only academically but in the real world as well. Everything that she does is to work toward her bigger goal which is creating her own school. She has gotten one of the greatest scholarships she could get, she helps in the community, she keeps her mind sharp so she´ll be able to teach others things.